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Starbuck’s Chess Corner: A Recap of Thrilling Tactical Battles

This past weekend, we witnessed another chapter unfolding in the local chess mastery chronicle at Starbucks' Monthly Tournament. The event drew six passionate players, whose determination was matched only by their eagerness to parry across the checkered battlegrounds. A tight-knit group allowed for a round-robin tournament format, giving way to an intimate and intense series of duels. It was a thrilling sight as each participant faced their counterparts head-to-head, piece-to-piece. Although novices in ranking, players like Ewan and Melissa Case stepped up to the board with commendable courage and gave seasoned competitors like Adam Porth and Deon Goodwin a run for their pawns. The atmosphere was thick with concentration and the subtle ticking of timers, as Cory Sturgis and Konnor Bithell made their tournament debut. They proved their nascent skills in this forgiving yet competitive environment. Cheers to Deon Goodwin, who emerged victoriously, and hats off to Adam Porth, whose str

Chess Club Updates: Results from the January 25 Meeting

We're excited to report on our most recent meeting on January 25. It was another wonderful evening with a turnout of 9 dedicated players. We were delighted to welcome new members, Fisher Hite and Natalie Merry, to our ranks. After three engaging rounds, we're thrilled to announce that Ewan, Logan, and Milo reigned supreme, earning themselves a place at the top of the standings. Their chess growth has qualified them for the State Tournament in Boise – congratulations on this incredible achievement! Our newest members also showcased their potential. While they're getting invaluable practice with experienced players, we know they'll soon make their mark on the leaderboard. Thanks to each of you for contributing to the fun and camaraderie of our club. A Special Thanks to Nathan Davis for hosting our Beginner's Meetings. Our strength lies in our supportive and growing community. Please help us by spreading the word and encouraging more people to come and join in. Keep

Chess Knight Returns!

  Join Us for the Next Chess Knight Meeting! Mark your calendars for Monday, January 29th at 6 p.m. as The Chess Knight returns to our beloved North Idaho College castle (NIC Student Union cafeteria)! Whether you're a seasoned player or a newbie, we encourage you to join us for a night of strategic battles and camaraderie. Play at least once a month in 2024, and we hope you're on track with this goal too! New members, we look forward to welcoming you into our friendly community. If this is your first meeting, please let us know so we can properly introduce you to our club. Haven't completed your 'Join Our Club' registration yet? Could you do it today to stay informed of all our future events and news? Let’s make the upcoming meeting memorable, filled with great games and even greater fellowship. See you there!

Chess Club Meeting: Results from January 11

  The Beginner's Chess Club had a fantastic gathering on January 11. With a turnout of 10 enthusiastic players, the evening was a vibrant mix of strategy, camaraderie, and fun. Our participants for the initial two rounds were Serena, Sophia, Leo, Konnor, Jason, Ewan, Don (Ewan’s Dad), Andrew, Delilah, and Leilani. We switched gears for the third round, transitioning to open play. This was an exciting session, with 8 players eagerly participating. Jason and Don decided to sit the round out, but the atmosphere remained charged with the thrilling spirit of competition. Our club was delighted to welcome the Vasquez family. They are rediscovering their passion for chess, and their presence added a lively energy to the session. We're also excited that Andrew Sr. and Konnor are interested in joining our Monday Chess meetings. A special shout-out is due to Leo and Serena's stellar performance, winning both matches. Our heartiest congratulations to them! Our next meeting is slated f

The Road to Victory: Navigating Your Way to the Idaho Chess State Championship

  To qualify for the state championship tournament, please follow these steps: Become a member : You must be an active member of the Idaho Chess Association. You can join by visiting the association's website and completing the membership form. Participate in local tournaments : Regular participation in local chess tournaments is crucial. These events serve as the initial qualifying rounds. Achieve required points : Players must accumulate specific points from these tournaments to qualify for the state championship. Register for the State Championship : Once you have enough points, you can apply for the State Championship. Visit the association's website, find the registration link for the State Championship, and fill out the registration form. Prepare for the Tournament : The state championship involves serious competition, so regular practice and strategic preparation are essential. Attend CDA Chess Club meetings : Besides personal practice and tournament participation, regu