The Road to Victory: Navigating Your Way to the Idaho Chess State Championship


To qualify for the state championship tournament, please follow these steps:

  1. Become a member: You must be an active member of the Idaho Chess Association. You can join by visiting the association's website and completing the membership form.
  2. Participate in local tournaments: Regular participation in local chess tournaments is crucial. These events serve as the initial qualifying rounds.
  3. Achieve required points: Players must accumulate specific points from these tournaments to qualify for the state championship.
  4. Register for the State Championship: Once you have enough points, you can apply for the State Championship. Visit the association's website, find the registration link for the State Championship, and fill out the registration form.
  5. Prepare for the Tournament: The state championship involves serious competition, so regular practice and strategic preparation are essential.
  6. Attend CDA Chess Club meetings: Besides personal practice and tournament participation, regular attendance at CDA Chess Club meetings is crucial. These meetings provide an opportunity to spar with a diverse range of players, gain insights from seasoned professionals, and receive feedback on your strategies. This practice will aid your preparations for the state championship. Be sure to take note of our meeting schedules

Remember, the specific requirements to qualify might vary slightly yearly, so always check the association's website for the most up-to-date information.


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