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Uniting Beginners and Veterans at the Memorial Day Chess Tournament

  Last night, the Memorial Day Chess Tournament brought together an exciting mix of players – from beginners to veterans alike. The tournament was a great success, thanks in large part to our experienced players for their generosity in not only playing, but also coaching and encouraging newbies along the way. In the end, Grant emerged victorious with three wins and one draw against Eric to lead with 3.5 points out of 4. It was not an easy feat, but Grant persevered in the face of many challenging opponents. We are excited to see our next event come together this Thursday at 6:00 p.m., when Burger King in Post Falls will host a beginner's session for those new to the game. We hope to see you all there! Good luck! This meeting is not restricted to youngsters, as anyone wanting to improve their skills are welcome. If more experienced players want to come and act as coaches, I would welcome the assistance. And remember – don't forget that no matter how good or bad your skills may b

5/25/23 Meeting Recap: Chess Club Members Make Great Strides

The 12U CDA Chess Club had a great meeting on 5/25/23. Parents were in attendance to show their support for their children’s development. Participants spent some time looking at a game from 1881 that was recorded using chess notation, and everyone agreed to work on learning how to use this notation next week by watching a short video online. “Great time tonight. Thanks to the parents who are such supporters of their youngsters!” said the organizer, “I know this can be confusing, so we won't be too concerned if your youngster doesn't understand it right away, but it will be something they will need to learn as they develop their skills. So, if you bring a few pieces of lined paper and pencils, let's try it.” The results from the meeting showed that every member made great strides in improving their skills and understanding of the game. However, the organizers are not overly concerned with ratings or results; instead, they focus on helping members learn how to think criticall

Coaching, Learning, and Fun at the CDA Chess 12U Ladder Tournament

CDA Chess is delighted to announce the results of our 12U Ladder tournament last Thursday night! Ewan Case was the winner, with a perfect 4-0 record. As always, we were pleased to witness many instances of helpful coaching from experienced players, which the young participants eagerly received. We want to thank all the parents who helped make this event possible by bringing their kids and supporting them in learning the game of chess. We hope more people can join us for next week’s matches on Thursday, May 25th, at 6:00 p.m. at Burger King in Post Falls. It will be an excellent opportunity to build skills, have fun, and learn from each other! Comment below if you want to join the fun!  

Grant and Andrew Show Off Their Skills at Burger Bracket Challenge

The Coeur d'Alene Chess Club meeting on May 15th at Burger King in Post Falls was an exciting and competitive event! Grant emerged victorious from the four-player mini-tourney, earning his number 2 rank on the club ladder, while Andrew F. also showed impressive form, winning his bracket to jump from 19th to 11th overall. The fun doesn't stop there - the Coeur d'Alene Chess Club will host another Burger Bracket challenge next Monday, May 22nd! Join us to experience even more exciting games and shuffled pairings with other players of all levels. We look forward to seeing you there! --Coeur d'Alene Chess Club Team

How to Organize, Conduct, and Report a Four-Player Mini-Tourney

If you are a chess player, you know that tournaments are one of the best ways to improve your skills. The level of competition, the pressure, and the opportunity to face new opponents all contribute to the learning experience. However, organizing a tournament can be a daunting task. This is where mini-tourneys come in. Mini-tourneys are fun and easy to set up, and they provide an excellent opportunity to play with friends and improve your game. This article will guide you on organizing, conducting, and reporting a four-player mini-tourney using our provided outline. 1. Organizing the Tourney: The first thing you need to do is decide on the venue for the mini-tourney. It could be at home, a coffee shop, a library, or any quiet place with a few tables and chairs. You can also decide on a convenient time and date for all the players. Next, you must ensure that you have all the equipment for the mini-tourney. You will need two chessboards, chess pieces, clocks, a score sheet, and a pen.  F

Eric Leads the Way at Colorful World of Springtime Chess Mixer

The Colorful World of Springtime Chess mixer concluded on May 8th with an exciting tournament! After two rounds of play and a cumulative score based on performance each night, Eric emerged as the victor with a sensational 4-0 record. Andrew and Zeke also joined the group tonight for a few games, adding to the competitive atmosphere. We’re shifting gears to our next event, open play at Burger King in Post Falls, the following Monday night. This will be an excellent opportunity for all players, regardless of skill level, to meet up and get some practice before competing in tournaments or other chess events. Don’t miss this chance to hone your skills, have fun, and prepare for a summer full of spectacular chess action! See you there! CDA Chess Club Open Play at Burger King in Post Falls May 15, games at 5:45 p.m.