Chess Club Updates: Results from the January 25 Meeting

We're excited to report on our most recent meeting on January 25. It was another wonderful evening with a turnout of 9 dedicated players. We were delighted to welcome new members, Fisher Hite and Natalie Merry, to our ranks.

After three engaging rounds, we're thrilled to announce that Ewan, Logan, and Milo reigned supreme, earning themselves a place at the top of the standings. Their chess growth has qualified them for the State Tournament in Boise – congratulations on this incredible achievement!

Our newest members also showcased their potential. While they're getting invaluable practice with experienced players, we know they'll soon make their mark on the leaderboard.

Thanks to each of you for contributing to the fun and camaraderie of our club. A Special Thanks to Nathan Davis for hosting our Beginner's Meetings. Our strength lies in our supportive and growing community. Please help us by spreading the word and encouraging more people to come and join in.

Keep the chess spirit high!

The chess ladder has been updated.


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