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Chess Moves & Champions: CDA Chess Club's August 28th Meeting Highlights

We are excited to announce the results from our lively meeting held on August 28th, which witnessed the two-week participation of 14 enthusiastic players. It was a testament to the skill and passion within our club to see John M. elevate his gameplay, securing a record of 3-1 and escalating to the 4th position on our ladder. His strategic moves and precise decision-making impressed everyone, including me. We also had the pleasure of welcoming back Cory S., who engaged in a hard-fought duel against Mike O. Similarly, Travis G. reactivated his membership with exciting games against Deon and Serena. The serious match between Travis and Serena was a highlight of the evening and an exhibition of brilliant chess moves. Our junior representatives, Ryan and Leo, stayed caught up, challenging the seasoned players with youthful vigor and strategic gameplay. We want to remind everyone that the Student Union will be closed next Monday for Labor Day, but an informal unrated meet-up is scheduled fo

Awaken Your Inner Grandmaster: Join the CDA Chess Club This Season

  Summer break is officially over, so it's time to welcome back the CDA Chess Club for another great season of friendly competition and skill-building. Whether you are a beginner learning the game or a seasoned expert looking for challenging opponents, we have something for everyone. So don't hesitate to join us at our regular Monday meetings in the cozy surroundings of the NIC Student Union or our junior club that meets on Thursdays at Burger King in Post Falls. Our meeting on August 24th was a success, with seven junior players, including new member Payton, joining in for a lively session of chess playing. Leo emerged as the winner that day, but each game was a unique opportunity to learn and improve. That's why we are excited to welcome all newcomers and old hands to our club, regardless of skill level. We are friendly, supportive, and eager to share our love of the game. We have some exciting news to share with members and non-members: an upcoming chess tournament on Se

August 21: A Night of Strategic Success at the CDA Chess Club

We are excited to share the results of our August 21 meeting at the NIC Student Union, an excellent venue for our chess battles. We warmly welcome our latest member, Adam Porth, the President of the Idaho Chess Association, who joined us to experience our unique venue and challenging competitors firsthand. A special shout-out goes to Grant, who won against Adam and Steve. We also want to recognize Ryan for his impressive victories over John and Leo, a feat that has resulted in a remarkable 87-point surge in his rating! We will continue with the 2 round Swiss-mix format in our next meeting, as it provided ample time for contemplating moves and kept everyone in sync. During the meeting, Adam announced exciting news about the upcoming Back-2-School Quads. An unrated section will be available for non-USCF members to participate, making the competition more accessible to our broader member base. If you want more information, feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to seeing you at ou

Knight Moves and Queen's Gambit: A Recap of the Thursday Night Free For All Chess Tournament

  The echoes of strategic battles and triumphant checkmates from our Thursday Night Free For All Chess Tournament still resonate. The tournament was an exciting spectacle of eight young chess enthusiasts engaging in spirited matches under 20-minute time controls. Leo and Serena were emerging victorious in their respective groups, each securing three wins. It was remarkable to witness the significant progress these young masters have made in their chess journeys. They're developing strategic tactics and getting more familiar with their opening repertoire, displaying an encouraging sense of confidence and skill. Remarkably, in between our regular meetings, these players are committed to mastering the game. They enrich their understanding and skillfulness with videos, online coaching, and competitive practice. A special shoutout to Leo, who made his first appearance in the ICA Tuesday USCF-rated tournament, fearlessly competing against players of all ages including the ICA President,

Your Weekly Chess Club Update: August 7th Tournament Results

  I'm thrilled to share the results of our exciting gathering on August 7th. Seven players assembled at Burger King for a stimulating three-round Swiss tournament. We were delighted to welcome four new members to our club - Sam R., Brad N., Robert S., and Robin M. After two heated rounds, Grant and Eric, boasting 2-0 records, engaged in a gripping face-off, ending in a well-earned draw. They share the top spot this week. Additionally, new member Robert made his mark by winning two of his three matches, securing third place. The meeting was a great success, not least because of the interaction and budding friendships over the chess board. We eagerly anticipate next week's gathering and look forward to meeting our new members. Lastly, remember to sign up for the Back-2-School Quads tournament happening in September. Let's continue the momentum and make our next meetings even more successful! The ladder was updated as of 8/7/23

CDA Chess Club's "Checkmate to Progress: Unlocking the Chessboard" - A Resounding Success!

  We are thrilled to share the results of our exclusive beginner's chess tournament, "Checkmate to Progress: Unlocking the Chessboard." First, a big round of applause to Leo G, who swept the competition, winning all three matches! Kudos to Sophia, who turned up the heat with two wins and boosted her rating by 33 points! A warm welcome to Jimmy H, who played his first three matches with us. Jimmy's quick grasp of the game and enthusiasm to learn were inspiring and promising. We are excited to see how he progresses in this intellectually stimulating journey! Our hearts are full of gratitude for all the parents who were there to support and encourage their budding chess maestros. Your presence and support indeed made a difference! We're eagerly looking forward to our next meeting on August 10th at 6:00 p.m. at Burger King, Post Falls. Whether you want to continue honing your skills, renew an old hobby, or simply be a part of an enthusiastic community, we invite each