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Checkmate and Rock 'n' Roll: A Recap of the Rook Around the Clock Chess Showdown

  Rock and Rook! A big round of applause for all our young chess maestros who turned the chess board into their stage at the Rook Around the Clock tournament. Our star of the show, Ewan Chase, showcased a perfect harmony of strategy and nerves of steel, achieving a flawless 3-0 record! It was an edge-of-the-seat affair, with every player winning at least one match - a testament to the fierce competition. Endless gratitude to the parents for their continuing support and a huge shoutout to Burger King, Post Falls for being our rocking venue. Stay tuned for our next symphony of chess! #RookAroundTheClock #ChessRockstars

A Joyful Evening of Chess on International Chess Day

  On July 20th, 2023, the CDA Chess Club held a delightful event in celebration of International Chess Day at Ramsey Park. As a proud member of the club, I can attest to the fact that it was an amazing evening filled with fun games, delicious treats, and great company. The turnout was impressive, and we even welcomed a new member who had heard about us online and decided to join in the fun. We set up the picnic tables and chess boards at the park early in the evening and waited for our fellow members to arrive. Slowly but surely, the park was filled with chess enthusiasts of all ages. It was heartwarming to see so many members of our community come together to celebrate this global event. As soon as everyone had arrived, the games began. There were players of all different levels, which made it even more exciting. Kids challenged adults, beginners battled seasoned players, and everyone was having a great time. It was wonderful to see how even the most competitive of games were played w

A Night of Excitement at Burger King: The July Jitterbug Quads

  The July Jitterbug Quads was a thrilling chess tournament that recently took place at Burger King in Post Falls. With 12 players participating, the tournament provided an intimate setting for everyone to show off their skills and challenge themselves. After all the intense matches have ended, we proudly announce the results! Ryan achieved 3-0 scores in section 1, Sophia in section 2, and Serena in section 3. Congratulations to all the winners and participants! We thank all the parents who supported their youngsters during the tournament. For those looking to expand their chess knowledge, National Master Robert Ramirez has an interesting YouTube course consisting of over 200 free instructional videos that you can pick and choose from or follow along one after another. Click here... In addition, the current ladder positions are shown in the chart below. We hope everyone enjoyed the July Jitterbug Quads tournament and found it challenging yet rewarding. See you at our next match! Until