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Colossal Classical Chess Tournament Concludes with John MacPhee Taking Home Top Honors

Colossal Classical Chess Tournament Concludes with John MacPhee Taking Home Top Honors AFTER THREE WEEKS OF INTENSE COMPETITION, the CDA Chess Colossal Classical Chess Tournament concluded this week. 22 players competed at least once during the tournament, including three new members on the final night - Jonathon Rorabeck, Igor Galchun, and Vitalii Skrypnyk. Ultimately, John MacPhee took home top honors with a score of 2.5 out of 4 after a monumental nearly two-hour win over Deon Goodwin, which many watched with great interest. Some players came, some went, and others just played sideline games, but the Burger King was a buzz of activity all throughout the tournament. "It's been an incredible three weeks," said the tournament organizer. "I'm so proud of all the participants for their dedication to the game and willingness to learn from each other." Now that the tournament is finished, chess lovers can look forward to the upcoming Idaho Chess Association 2023

US Chess Joins the Family!

  US Chess Joins the Family! CDA Chess Club ( Member ID: A8381744) is excited to announce that we are now officially affiliated with US Chess, the official governing body for chess in the United States! Our club members will now have access to various exciting benefits and opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at what this affiliation has to offer. USCF Memberships Now that CDA Chess Club is part of US Chess, you can renew or process your US Chess Federation (USCF) Membership by emailing! This will give you access to many fun tournaments and educational resources to help you improve at chess! You do not need to join USCF to participate in local CDA Chess Club activities. Competition Opportunities One of the best things about joining forces with US Chess is that it gives our members access to an even more comprehensive range of competitive tournaments and events. For instance, US Chess holds several national championship tournaments each year, allowing players

CDA Chess Club Encourages 12U Players for Summer Solstice Tournament After Successful June 22 Meeting

The June 22 meeting of the CDA Chess Club saw twelve players, including two new members, Yegorii and Slava, battle it out in a 4-person round robin format. After some intense chess games and strategic moves, the victors were clear. Yegorii and Aiden achieved 3-0 records, and Slava had won his group in a tiebreaker with Serena. The club was also pleased to have the help of some of the parents, who lent an extra hand in keeping the players paired up. Several players wanted to play in this weekend's Summer Solstice Tournament, and we look forward to seeing them there. Our next 12U meeting is June 29th at 6 p.m. at Burger King in Post Falls, and all 12U players are welcome to come and play at the regular club meeting this coming Monday, June 26, at the same time and place. Results and standings from June 22 are shown below:

Chess Night: 11 Players Compete in the One Night Fun 12U CDA Mixer

  The One Night Fun Night 12U CDA Chess Club meeting was hugely successful! Eleven players, including newcomers Eli and Bruce, joined in on the thrilling chess game. With some help from Grant's coaching, it was an evening filled with intense competition and plenty of fun for everyone involved. Let's look at how things went down tonight and who came out on top! Eli emerged as the ultimate victor, winning all four of his games. Congratulations to him on such an impressive achievement! Meanwhile, Serena improved her score by a whopping 85 rating points, and Zander could take all three of his games when paired with the top 4 players. For those who didn't make it tonight, don't worry - join us again next Thursday night, June 22nd, at Burger King in Post Falls at 6:00 p.m. Let us know if we should add or subtract any names from the registration list for this event! We look forward to seeing you there and having another evening filled with fun and challenging chess competition

June is Membership Renewal Month at CDA Chess Club

We had an exciting night of chess at the Battle of the Ages tournament! Six players joined in on the competition, ranging from youngsters to seniors. It was a great opportunity for all skill levels to come together and enjoy friendly competition. After some intense matches, we have our results and are excited to announce June as Membership Renewal month for CDA Chess Club! Read on for more details about last night’s event and how you can join us next week. Last night, participants played multiple games with the winner of each bracket determined by number of wins. PFHS Student Issac H. and avid online player Sam M. showed off their skills with some convincing wins! We have attached the full results for anyone who would like to take a look. In honor of June being Membership Renewal month, we are switching up our format for the next three weeks in June. Instead of rated games all night long, only the first game (game 60/10s) will be rated and open play can occur after that without restric

12U CDA Chess Club Members Compete at Burger King

On June 1, a dozen 12U CDA Chess Club members descended upon Burger King in Post Falls for a chess tournament. The event included four rounds of chess and saw the inclusion of new members Aiden, Nicholas, Levi, and Mikenna. Assistant Manager Julie was very supportive of the activity, commenting that she “loved seeing all the kids competing.” Grant and Eric stopped by to get the experience, while Deon provided great help throughout the competition. Players also had an opportunity to try out chess notation for the first time. While some struggled with it initially, they were earnest in giving it a go. Notable results include Milo and Leo both scoring 3.5 out of 4 as their head-to-head match ended in a draw. As an added bonus, Northwest Chess recently announced that Milo won the Idaho State Championship tournament for Kindergarten grade level players last March! The 12U CDA Chess Club is committed to providing a fun and engaging environment for its members to learn and grow in their skill