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The Blizzard Subsides: Revealing the Champions of the Winter Blitz Chess Tournament

  We are thrilled to announce the outcomes of the highly competitive Winter Blitz Tournament , held on Monday. There were some nail-biting matches and impressive strategies on display. We initially had six participants and used a double round-robin format with a 3/2 time control. However, two participants had to leave after two rounds, resulting in a few adjustments to the game structure. Here are the results per round: Round 1 Results: Grant vs. Leo (Grant won: 2 - 0) Owen vs. Rick (Draw: 1 - 1) Sam R vs. Daniel (Daniel won: 0 - 2) Round 2 Results: Grant vs. Rick (Grant won: 2 - 0) Leo vs. Sam (Leo won: 2 - 0) Owen vs. Daniel (Daniel won: 0 - 2) Round 3 Results: Grant vs. Owen (Grant won: 2 - 0) Rick vs. Daniel (Daniel won: 0 - 2) Round 4 Results: Grant vs. Daniel (Grant won: 2 - 0) Rick vs. Owen (Draw: 1 - 1) The final scores were as follows: Grant: 8 points Daniel: 6 points Owen, Rick, and Leo: 2 points each Sam R: 0 points We extend our heartiest congratulations to all participants

First Course Served: Recapping the First Round of our Thanksgiving Chess Challenge!

(Therese and Daniel in total concentration) As the first leaves of autumn fall, we kickstarted our Thanksgiving Chess Challenge on November 20th, an event that saw a cornucopia of talented players coming together in a spirit of friendly competition. Eight masterminds, including the siblings Therese and John Paul Truong (who made their exciting debut), matched wits over the chessboard. After two thrilling rounds, Grant and Daniel emerged victorious, each winning their matches. Daniel made quite the leap on the rating ladder, climbing from 9th to 5th after gaining 31 rating points on the night. We're all eagerly anticipating the chessboard duel when these two titans clash! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to thank all participants. We were especially heartened by Ava's comments about Grant's sportsmanship: "Grant was very nice and gave some analysis of some games. He also asked Leo and John Paul to play blitz, which was quite entertaining for all of us." Let&#

Checkmate! Noteworthy Moments from our November 16th Chess Club Meeting

  The November 16th club meeting was one for the record books. Kudos to Ava for expertly navigating traffic to get us to Burger King and kick-starting the proceedings. We also warmly welcomed our newest members, Tudor and Josiah. Their courageous step in challenging experienced club members deserves applause. Ava tapped into her kids' underused account to introduce exciting chess lessons. The response was overwhelmingly positive. New members Eden, Jimmy, Josiah, and Tudor had a productive session, learning about stalemates and how to execute a perfect King and Queen checkmate. It's heartening to see their enthusiasm for more lessons in future meetings. Now to the tournament results: A total of 10 players took part. Leo proved his mettle by winning all three matches, but the evening star was undoubtedly Jimmy, whose rating took a phenomenal jump of 94 points! Milo and Serena also enjoyed victories, each tasting success in two games. Please note that due to Thanksgi

Chess Enthusiasts Face Off in the 'Deon's Bracketology' Mini-Tournament: A Night of Strategic Triumphs

  The NIC Student Union bustled with strategic battles and intellectual prowess on Monday, 13th November, as the Coeur d'Alene Chess Club hosted its unique 'Deon's Bracketology' mini-tournament. The event saw nine players grouped into two sections, each showcasing their strategic skills in a bid to climb the club's rating ladder. In Section 1, Deon and Eric led the charge, each gaining an impressive 20 rating points. Deon secured a win and a bye, while Eric held his ground with a win and a draw. Section 2's performance was equally spirited, highlighted by Owen's double victory that propelled him up the ladder from position 10 to 7, with an impressive addition of 29 rating points. Michael deTar also made notable strides, improving his standing by 30 rating points despite splitting his matches evenly. The club didn't register any new members for this event, but members Jonathan, Griffin, Zander, Everett, and Adam are urged to participate in future games to

CDA Chess Club Witnesses Exciting Week of Fierce Competition

  In an intense week of play, CDA Chess Club's veterans and beginners showcased their tactical brilliance and strategic insight. Exciting matches, unexpected victories, and promising newcomers marked the week. The club meeting on Monday, November 6, boasted a strong turnout, with the first round seeing 11 competitors and the second round gaining an additional player, Serena. The club welcomes newcomer Mark, who joined his first meeting and jumped into the thrilling action. A nail-biting standoff between Sam M. and Owen resulted in a draw, hinting at a budding rivalry to watch in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Travis's unexpected victory over Rick created quite the stir, marking one of the week's most notable upsets. Returning to the fray after a few weeks' absence, John made a triumphant comeback with two wins, earning a significant gain of 35 points. However, the player with the most exciting gain of the week was Daniel, whose dual victories saw his score rise by an impr