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12U Chess Group: Scoreboards and Updates from the September 28 Meetup

  We proudly announce the results from our September 28, 12U meeting. It was a wonderful gathering with nine players, including a new addition to our group, Desmond. The players were divided into two round-robin sections. In Section 1, Leo took the lead with a 3-0 record, followed closely by Sophia with a 2-1 record. Logan and Milo rounded out the section. Section 2 saw Desmond dominate with a 4-0 record, followed by Serena (3-1), Jimmy (3-2), Jason (1-1-2), and Eden (1-1-2). With the North Idaho Scholastic Chess League at the end of October on the horizon, our players are in deep preparation mode. The chess ladder has been updated, reflecting each player's progress. The next meeting is scheduled for October 5th at 6 p.m. at Burger King in Post Falls. We hope to see you there!

September to Remember: A Showcase of Chess Brilliance

12U leader Leo takes on overall leader Grant The September to Remember mini-tournaments concluded with chess enthusiasts demonstrating their strategic brilliance and intellectual prowess. This tournament turned out to be an incredible platform for both seasoned and budding chess players to exhibit their skills. In Section 1, we saw a riveting performance from Eric, who emerged victorious in a bracket that included formidable contenders like Grant, Deon, and Leo. Eric's triumph brings him ever closer to Grant in the race for the top spot on the club ladder, adding an extra dash of anticipation for the upcoming tournaments. Section 2 was just as exciting, with Ryan clinching the title in a bracket that included Michael, Cory, and Sam R. An honorable mention goes to a new member, Sam M., who stepped in for a side game and filled in for Sam R. in Section 2. Ryan's victory has him hot on the heels of Leo in the 12U standings, promising an engaging contest in the weeks to come. The S

The Art of Chess Analysis: A Deep Dive into a September 21 Match

Analyzing your chess games is paramount to improving your skills and understanding. It's a process that allows you to understand what went wrong and what went right. By dissecting each move, you better understand your thought process, identifying the motivations behind each decision. This analysis assists in spotting successful and flawed patterns in your strategic approach and allows you to refine your game plan accordingly. Furthermore, analyzing the games of others, especially of superior players, provides valuable lessons, broadens your strategic repertoire, and offers insights into varied playstyles. Ultimately, chess is a game of constant learning, and analysis plays a pivotal role in that learning curve. The results from this September 21 game underscored the volatility and unpredictability that makes chess such a captivating game. What initially appeared to be a commanding position for white quickly spiraled into a losing one after a miscalculated move. The shift of momentu

The Thrilling Conclusion of the September 11th Chess Tournament

What a spectacle we had during our two-night September 11th tournament! The passion and intensity on each player's face were evident, showcasing the veritable battlefield that the chessboard had become. Fifteen members participated in the event, including three bright new faces: Michael, David, and Brent. Their arrival added an element of surprise, a fresh wave of strategies and tactics that only enhanced the thrill of the game. The final match was a nail-biting spectacle, with Eric and Ryan battling it out. The game concluded in a draw, leaving spectators in awe at the skill demonstrated by both players. Their focused eyes, tactical movements, and the palpable tension in the air made for a memorable match that truly embodied the spirit of the game. Excitement is buzzing around our club, thanks partly to the recent newspaper coverage. We expect this momentum to continue, making next week's one-night tournament, aptly named "September to Remember," even more interestin

Chess Champions of September 14: A Swiss-style Tournament Recap

  Our meeting on September 14 was nothing short of a demonstration of tactical prowess and strategic dominance. Eight dedicated players started their chess journey in a Swiss-style tournament, each eager to checkmate their way to victory. From the first round, four players charged ahead with wins: Leo, Sophia, Logan, and Milo. It was a thrilling round, setting the stage for what was coming. In the second round, the stakes were high. Chessboards were alive with strategic maneuvers and carefully calculated risks. Leo edged Milo in a nail-biting match where victory was anyone's game. Similarly, Sophia turned the tables on Logan, showcasing her formidable skills. But the final round was the true showdown, pitting siblings Sophia and Leo against each other for the coveted top spot. With the suspense at its peak, Sophia emerged victorious, proudly claiming her well-earned title. Let's talk about Sophia's incredible journey. This talented second-grader has now won 6 of her last 7

CDA Chess Club: A Year of Incredible Growth and Outstanding Achievements

  COEUR D'ALENE, IDAHO – September 12, 2023 – Celebrating one year of successful operation, the CDA Chess Club is thrilled to announce its significant milestones and ongoing commitment to fostering a fun, safe, and engaging environment for chess enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Since its reactivation on September 12, 2022, the club has welcomed 90 players who have actively participated in its activities, 48 alone in the last 90 days. A total of 602 matches have been played, with 52% (313 matches) claimed by players with the white pieces, 44% (264 matches) won by players with the black pieces, and 4% (25 matches) ending in draws. Our chess club is more than just a group of players. Our community promotes healthy competition in a safe and friendly environment. Our internal rating system ensures that everyone, regardless of experience, can enjoy playing with someone of a similar level. Grant Richardson, our current top player, has worked hard to get there but knows every ga