Chess Club Meeting: Results from January 11


The Beginner's Chess Club had a fantastic gathering on January 11. With a turnout of 10 enthusiastic players, the evening was a vibrant mix of strategy, camaraderie, and fun. Our participants for the initial two rounds were Serena, Sophia, Leo, Konnor, Jason, Ewan, Don (Ewan’s Dad), Andrew, Delilah, and Leilani.

We switched gears for the third round, transitioning to open play. This was an exciting session, with 8 players eagerly participating. Jason and Don decided to sit the round out, but the atmosphere remained charged with the thrilling spirit of competition.

Our club was delighted to welcome the Vasquez family. They are rediscovering their passion for chess, and their presence added a lively energy to the session. We're also excited that Andrew Sr. and Konnor are interested in joining our Monday Chess meetings.

A special shout-out is due to Leo and Serena's stellar performance, winning both matches. Our heartiest congratulations to them!

Our next meeting is slated for next week at the Burger King in Post Falls. We encourage more players to join us, as every addition enhances the competitive spirit and enriches the overall experience.

Let's keep the chessboard buzzing!


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