Strategic Sundays: Elevating Our Chess Game with New Online Tournaments - 3:00 p.m. Pacific time

Chess enthusiasts, get ready for an exciting announcement! Your valuable input has driven us to rethink and enhance our tournament format, creating an event that suits our diverse chess community even better. We're thrilled to present our upcoming online chess tournament with a new schedule and format, now happening on Sunday, April 7, at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Shifting from busy Friday nights to a more accommodating weekend slot, we aim to include our working members and those who relish spending part of their weekends immersed in the strategic world of chess.

Understanding the diversity within our community, we are introducing two separate sections for the tournament. One will be for club members with a Club Ladder rating of 1200+ and another for players under 1200 or unrated. This format is perfect for everyone, from the strategic expert to the novice player, to find their competitive edge in an environment that matches their skill level.

Each session requires a minimum of four players, so rally your chess friends, brush up on your tactics, and sign up to participate. If you still need to get on our club ladder or are looking for more details, please contact us at

Here's the Sign-up Sheet for easy registration. Your responses were instrumental in shaping this new and improved tournament structure. We aim to balance competitive spirit and a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for all, particularly for our beginners who might find facing more experienced players daunting. This thoughtful approach guarantees enjoyment and development for everyone in the chess community.

Adding to the inclusivity, this online event is a golden opportunity for those who cannot attend our regular in-person meetings on Mondays and Thursdays. It’s a chance for all members of the CDA Chess community, regardless of their physical location, to stay engaged, compete, and connect.

Prepare your chess boards and join us in this new adventure of intellectual challenge and community spirit. We're excited to see how this updated version will bring us all closer together, one strategic move at a time.

How do you register and join our team on



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