Leap Into Chess

The Beginner's CDA Chess Club Meeting on February 29 was spectacular, with an impressive turnout and palpable enthusiasm that illuminated Burger King in Post Falls. Amongst the highlight of the evening was Payton Akers, a first-timer who not only clinched a victory over Nathan Davis but also showcased formidable skills against Eric, leaving a lasting impression. Meanwhile, Milo Davis maintained his impressive streak, securing victories in all four matches and 8 out of his last nine games, with Logan Davis following closely in second place. The atmosphere was vibrant, with participants more at ease with the competition, and several expressed interest in challenging themselves further in upcoming events.

This incredible momentum sets the stage for our next gatherings: Starbuck's Monthly ICA Tournament this Saturday on Ironwood, followed by the "March In Like A Lion" event at the NIC Student Union on Monday. These events promise to keep the chess spirit alive and provide wonderful opportunities for community interaction, learning, and, most importantly, fun. Whether you're seeking to test your skills against more challenging opponents or simply enjoying the camaraderie of our gatherings, these events are to be noticed. Join us, and continue your chess journey with support and enthusiasm from the CDA Chess Club community.



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