Chess Mastery Unleashed: Recap of Our Latest Online Showdown


The March 31 "Easter Rapids" online chess tournament marked a significant day for the CDA Chess Club, showcasing our community's talent and competitive spirit. The event was split into two sections based on player ratings, which provided a leveled playing field for all participants.

In the under 1200 category, John S., playing as Slumdog4, emerged victorious, clinching the trophy by winning all three matches—a commendable feat. Payton A. (PayPay2010), participating in his first online tournament, secured a respectable second place with 2 points. Michael D. (Bodenzo) completed the podium in third place, earning 1 point. This tournament also welcomed Brennan (BrennanLoewe2014) to his first event, marking his entry onto the club ladder.

Over in the 1200+ segment, the competition was fierce, with Steve D. (twotacky1), Sam C. (Sam4MarsMayor), and Mike O. (Frosty1228) each securing 2 points after a series of challenging games. The tie was decisively broken by evaluating the performance metric, which demonstrated this category's high caliber of play. The March 31 tournament provided an exciting competitive platform for members of the CDA Chess Club and a welcoming environment for new players to integrate into the community.

The anticipation is already building for the next online event, which is scheduled for Sunday, April 7, at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time. It promises another day of strategic gameplay and community engagement. Sign up here!


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