The Grand Finale of February and What's on the Board for March


On a beautiful evening on February 26, the "I Love Chess" series drew to a thrilling close at NIC. Our chess community's spirit was palpable, with ten players engaging in a sophisticated battle of wits and strategies. Special thanks go to Michael deTar, whose volunteer and computer wizardry greatly facilitated the event's success. His contributions prove invaluable, and we look forward to harnessing his skills in upcoming gatherings.

The spotlight shines bright on Shinjoo Kim, who emerged victorious atop the standings, amassing a commendable 2.5 points. Congratulations, Shinjoo, for securing the Newcomer of the Month title with exceptional prowess! The series saw 18 participants throughout February, each bringing their unique flair and zeal to the chessboard.

We're excited to announce a fresh twist in our chess meetups. Dubbed "March in Like a Lion," our next series will honor regular attendees with priority seeding for the subsequent week's match-ups. This initiative aims to reward continued engagement and dedication among our players. The tentative pairings for Monday's game will be shared on Sunday evening, allowing everyone to strategize beforehand.

Last week, our club experienced a minor hiccup due to insufficient chess boards. However, through the generosity of donors, we now boast additional new boards ready for action. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need one and wish to lay your hands on these pristine boards. And for those looking to contribute to the club's future growth, we accept donations for sets ($15) and clocks ($45). Your support enhances our club and enriches the chess experience for everyone involved.

Stay tuned for more updates, and remember to fill out the form below with your name to either join the fray or update your availability for "March in Like a Lion." Your engagement fuels our community, and we can't wait to see the strategies you'll unfold in this next chapter of our chess saga.


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