CDA Chess Club Online Showdown: Strategies, Stalemates, and Sequels

Reflecting on the adrenaline-charged air of our February 9 online chess tournament, we witnessed a spectacular display of strategy and skill among the contenders. Not only did it mark a milestone for the CDA Chess Club with its groundbreaking virtual format, it also brought back veterans and welcomed newcomers to the chessboard's battlefield.

As we commend the calculated moves and fierce focus that led to a tooth-and-nail draw between Lindsay "Lindsaydadsie" and Mike "Frosty128," let us not forget the efforts and determination of all our participants. The resulting tie, putting them both at the top along with Steve "twotacky1" with 2.5 points each, demonstrated that the spirit of chess is alive and thriving in our community. The tiebreaker highlighted the importance of not just individual games but the overall strength of the opponents faced, which ultimately crowned Lindsay as the peerless strategist of the evening.

We extend a warm welcome to our newest members Aiden "horray" and John "Slimdog4," who have culturally enriched our club with their unique styles and perspectives from NIC and the Sandpoint area, respectively.

Fueled by the fun and success of our recent gathering, it’s with eager anticipation that we announce our next digital clash set for 6:00 p.m., February 23 at We invite all of you to join us once more to defend your ranking, challenge the leaders, or enjoy your debut in the convivial e-atmosphere of the CDA Chess Club's online tournaments.

Don't let punctuality woes keep you at bay, for late arrivals can join the fray in subsequent rounds. Furthermore, for those with a penchant for analysis and self-improvement, downloading your games offers an invaluable opportunity to scrutinize your plays and enhance your technique.

As we anticipate the upcoming event, we want to remind you to update your Lichess details and review the playing instructions. Establish your Lichess account, travel to "Community" Teams, locate the CDA Chess team, and request to join (please include your name in the request).

Keep these games, your comrades-in-arms, and the joy of playing chess close to your heart as we move forward.

Mark Your Calendars!

Upcoming Online Tournament: February 23 at 6:00 p.m.

Let the chessboard's squares be steps in your tactical mastery journey. We await your contribution to our club's legacy, where history is written one move at a time.

Join the fray, refine your strategy, and let the games begin!

Remember to check out the instructions if you need guidance on signing up or joining the tournament. Now is the time to add your name to the list!



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