A Thrilling November 30th Meeting at the 12U and Beginners Chess Club


The 12U and Beginners Chess Club session on November 30th was a testament to the enduring spirit of chess. Held at the local Burger King, it was a night of intense competition and camaraderie that saw the Davis brothers, Logan and Milo, stand out unbeaten in their games.

Under the expert guidance of their father, Nathan, who also coordinated the games, the brothers demonstrated skill and strategy beyond their years. Nathan's invaluable insights and tips during the play were instrumental in helping not just his sons but all participants refine their tactics.

We were delighted to see Eden and Josiah, two of our promising players, engrossed in improving their game strategies. A picture of their engagement, which was graciously shared by Tami, is a testament to the focus and dedication of our young club members.

As winter sets in, we're keen to keep the warmth of our Chess Club alive. We urge everyone to brave the cold and join us at our next meeting on December 7th. Here's to thrilling games, insightful exchanges, and chess-filled winter evenings!


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