The Blizzard Subsides: Revealing the Champions of the Winter Blitz Chess Tournament


We are thrilled to announce the outcomes of the highly competitive Winter Blitz Tournament, held on Monday. There were some nail-biting matches and impressive strategies on display.

We initially had six participants and used a double round-robin format with a 3/2 time control. However, two participants had to leave after two rounds, resulting in a few adjustments to the game structure.

Here are the results per round:

Round 1 Results:

  • Grant vs. Leo (Grant won: 2 - 0)
  • Owen vs. Rick (Draw: 1 - 1)
  • Sam R vs. Daniel (Daniel won: 0 - 2)

Round 2 Results:

  • Grant vs. Rick (Grant won: 2 - 0)
  • Leo vs. Sam (Leo won: 2 - 0)
  • Owen vs. Daniel (Daniel won: 0 - 2)

Round 3 Results:

  • Grant vs. Owen (Grant won: 2 - 0)
  • Rick vs. Daniel (Daniel won: 0 - 2)

Round 4 Results:

  • Grant vs. Daniel (Grant won: 2 - 0)
  • Rick vs. Owen (Draw: 1 - 1)

The final scores were as follows:

  • Grant: 8 points
  • Daniel: 6 points
  • Owen, Rick, and Leo: 2 points each
  • Sam R: 0 points

We extend our heartiest congratulations to all participants for a game well played. A special shout-out to Grant for topping the scoreboard! Post-match, Grant, Owen, Daniel, and Deon stayed on to engage in some intense blitz games. We look forward to more such engaging encounters in the future.

Stay tuned for more chess excitement in our upcoming events!


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