Chess Enthusiasts Face Off in the 'Deon's Bracketology' Mini-Tournament: A Night of Strategic Triumphs


The NIC Student Union bustled with strategic battles and intellectual prowess on Monday, 13th November, as the Coeur d'Alene Chess Club hosted its unique 'Deon's Bracketology' mini-tournament. The event saw nine players grouped into two sections, each showcasing their strategic skills in a bid to climb the club's rating ladder.

In Section 1, Deon and Eric led the charge, each gaining an impressive 20 rating points. Deon secured a win and a bye, while Eric held his ground with a win and a draw.

Section 2's performance was equally spirited, highlighted by Owen's double victory that propelled him up the ladder from position 10 to 7, with an impressive addition of 29 rating points. Michael deTar also made notable strides, improving his standing by 30 rating points despite splitting his matches evenly.

The club didn't register any new members for this event, but members Jonathan, Griffin, Zander, Everett, and Adam are urged to participate in future games to maintain their ladder positions. As the club welcomes new players, it promises more thrilling matches and strategic showdowns in the future.

The results of this exciting tournament have been updated on the club's ladder, reflecting the players' strategic triumphs of the evening.


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