Chess Champions Emerge: An Overview of the 12U CDA Chess Club's October 12 Meet


"You touched it, you move it!"

Our last chess club meeting on October 12 was a truly thrilling evening. Nine talented young minds gathered to compete, demonstrating their strategic prowess on the chessboard. We were also fortunate to have an esteemed guest, Penelope, who was accompanied by her father, Matt. Matt serves as a guide at Quest Academy in Rathdrum and is keen to integrate chess into their educational curriculum - a testament to the far-reaching benefits of the game.

There were notable performances across the board, but Ewan emerged as the victor of the evening. With an impressive command of his pieces, Ewan emerged victorious in all three games, significantly boosting 41 rating points. Close on his heels were Sophia and Serena, who flexed their chess muscles and earned 42 and 41 points, respectively. Their performances were an embodiment of strategic thinking and determination.

Ryan now reigns supreme at the top of our 12U ladder, with Leo, Ewan, Sophia, Serena, and Desmond following in order. In addition, Leo deserves a special mention for his consistency, with 89 matches under his belt.

We want to remind all our club members that we will not have our regular Thursday club meeting next week. Instead, we're excited to kick off the North Idaho Scholastic Chess League on Friday, October 20. We welcome any inquiries about the NISCL - please feel free to reach out!

Let's continue to checkmate challenges, promote strategic thinking, and foster camaraderie. Here's to many more engaging and exciting chess club meetings!


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