A Young Prodigy's Perspective: Chess Club Chronicles

We're incredibly proud to share a unique and insightful perspective on last Thursday's meeting, penned by none other than our young chess enthusiast, 9-year-old Serena. Embracing the challenge, Serena has eloquently captured the essence of the gathering, blending the intricacies of chess gameplay with valuable life lessons. Her delightfully candid narration not only offers a fresh perspective on the game but also underscores the important values that chess imparts to its players, thereby charting her own journey of growth. Let's dive into Serena's recount of the day with as much enthusiasm as she displays on the chessboard.

Chess Night

It was a nice day in October. The air was cool and pleasant. We were happy and ready to play chess at the 12 and under CDA Chess Club. We came in, set up our boards, and played our usual 3 games, paired up by Mr. Steve. I played Logan Davis, Milo Davis, and my own brother, Leo Grace. I won twice and lost once. Desmond was the star of the night, winning all three of his games! Even in the game that I lost, I learned something.

Chess is like that. Every time you play, you get better, even if you lose. Sometimes, you learn something other than chess. I am learning how to be patient, to be a good sport, to hold my temper, and how my actions will change things too. It is like that in life too. If you make a blunder, you have to dig yourself out. If you still lose, you learn to swallow your pride and shake hands. I think that’s good for people. The chess club is a great place to learn life lessons and chess alike.

Yesterday, Mr. Steve taught me a lot of stuff. I learned about removing the defender of a piece, what to think about when making a move, and a lot of other stuff I think I will always try to remember. I’d like to thank Mr. Steve for teaching me, my siblings, and other kids to play chess.


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