Your Weekly Chess Club Update: August 7th Tournament Results


I'm thrilled to share the results of our exciting gathering on August 7th. Seven players assembled at Burger King for a stimulating three-round Swiss tournament. We were delighted to welcome four new members to our club - Sam R., Brad N., Robert S., and Robin M.

After two heated rounds, Grant and Eric, boasting 2-0 records, engaged in a gripping face-off, ending in a well-earned draw. They share the top spot this week. Additionally, new member Robert made his mark by winning two of his three matches, securing third place.

The meeting was a great success, not least because of the interaction and budding friendships over the chess board. We eagerly anticipate next week's gathering and look forward to meeting our new members.

Lastly, remember to sign up for the Back-2-School Quads tournament happening in September. Let's continue the momentum and make our next meetings even more successful!

The ladder was updated as of 8/7/23


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