June is Membership Renewal Month at CDA Chess Club

We had an exciting night of chess at the Battle of the Ages tournament! Six players joined in on the competition, ranging from youngsters to seniors. It was a great opportunity for all skill levels to come together and enjoy friendly competition. After some intense matches, we have our results and are excited to announce June as Membership Renewal month for CDA Chess Club! Read on for more details about last night’s event and how you can join us next week.

Last night, participants played multiple games with the winner of each bracket determined by number of wins. PFHS Student Issac H. and avid online player Sam M. showed off their skills with some convincing wins! We have attached the full results for anyone who would like to take a look.

In honor of June being Membership Renewal month, we are switching up our format for the next three weeks in June. Instead of rated games all night long, only the first game (game 60/10s) will be rated and open play can occur after that without restrictions. On top of that, memberships are now free – but only last 90 days from your last game played!

The six players from last night’s tournament are automatically entered in next week’s games, but we still welcome anyone else who would like to join. If you want to sign up for the tournament and be included in the pairings, please RSVP by Thursday this week.

We hope that everyone enjoyed last night’s tournament as much as we did and will continue joining us at CDA Chess Club events throughout June! Remember that participation in our 12U meetings on Thursday nights counts towards membership renewal so come out and show us your skills! We look forward to seeing you soon!

We hope you enjoyed reading about the results of our Battle of the Ages tournament and learning more about Membership Renewal Month here at CDA Chess Club. Don't forget to RSVP by Thursday if you’d like to join in on the fun next week! See you soon!

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