Chess Night: 11 Players Compete in the One Night Fun 12U CDA Mixer


The One Night Fun Night 12U CDA Chess Club meeting was hugely successful! Eleven players, including newcomers Eli and Bruce, joined in on the thrilling chess game. With some help from Grant's coaching, it was an evening filled with intense competition and plenty of fun for everyone involved. Let's look at how things went down tonight and who came out on top!

Eli emerged as the ultimate victor, winning all four of his games. Congratulations to him on such an impressive achievement! Meanwhile, Serena improved her score by a whopping 85 rating points, and Zander could take all three of his games when paired with the top 4 players.

For those who didn't make it tonight, don't worry - join us again next Thursday night, June 22nd, at Burger King in Post Falls at 6:00 p.m. Let us know if we should add or subtract any names from the registration list for this event! We look forward to seeing you there and having another evening filled with fun and challenging chess competition! 🤩🐱‍👤♟


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