CDA Chess Club Encourages 12U Players for Summer Solstice Tournament After Successful June 22 Meeting

The June 22 meeting of the CDA Chess Club saw twelve players, including two new members, Yegorii and Slava, battle it out in a 4-person round robin format. After some intense chess games and strategic moves, the victors were clear. Yegorii and Aiden achieved 3-0 records, and Slava had won his group in a tiebreaker with Serena.

The club was also pleased to have the help of some of the parents, who lent an extra hand in keeping the players paired up. Several players wanted to play in this weekend's Summer Solstice Tournament, and we look forward to seeing them there.

Our next 12U meeting is June 29th at 6 p.m. at Burger King in Post Falls, and all 12U players are welcome to come and play at the regular club meeting this coming Monday, June 26, at the same time and place. Results and standings from June 22 are shown below:


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