12U CDA Chess Club Members Compete at Burger King

On June 1, a dozen 12U CDA Chess Club members descended upon Burger King in Post Falls for a chess tournament. The event included four rounds of chess and saw the inclusion of new members Aiden, Nicholas, Levi, and Mikenna.

Assistant Manager Julie was very supportive of the activity, commenting that she “loved seeing all the kids competing.” Grant and Eric stopped by to get the experience, while Deon provided great help throughout the competition.

Players also had an opportunity to try out chess notation for the first time. While some struggled with it initially, they were earnest in giving it a go. Notable results include Milo and Leo both scoring 3.5 out of 4 as their head-to-head match ended in a draw. As an added bonus, Northwest Chess recently announced that Milo won the Idaho State Championship tournament for Kindergarten grade level players last March!

The 12U CDA Chess Club is committed to providing a fun and engaging environment for its members to learn and grow in their skillset. Events like this one provide invaluable experiences that will benefit these young minds for years to come!


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