Uniting Beginners and Veterans at the Memorial Day Chess Tournament


Last night, the Memorial Day Chess Tournament brought together an exciting mix of players – from beginners to veterans alike. The tournament was a great success, thanks in large part to our experienced players for their generosity in not only playing, but also coaching and encouraging newbies along the way.

In the end, Grant emerged victorious with three wins and one draw against Eric to lead with 3.5 points out of 4. It was not an easy feat, but Grant persevered in the face of many challenging opponents.

We are excited to see our next event come together this Thursday at 6:00 p.m., when Burger King in Post Falls will host a beginner's session for those new to the game. We hope to see you all there! Good luck! This meeting is not restricted to youngsters, as anyone wanting to improve their skills are welcome. If more experienced players want to come and act as coaches, I would welcome the assistance.

And remember – don't forget that no matter how good or bad your skills may be, there is always room for improvement! Don't be afraid to ask questions and learn from others who have gone before you. The Memorial Day Chess Tournament is proof that everyone can benefit from each other’s knowledge.


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