5/25/23 Meeting Recap: Chess Club Members Make Great Strides

The 12U CDA Chess Club had a great meeting on 5/25/23. Parents were in attendance to show their support for their children’s development. Participants spent some time looking at a game from 1881 that was recorded using chess notation, and everyone agreed to work on learning how to use this notation next week by watching a short video online.

“Great time tonight. Thanks to the parents who are such supporters of their youngsters!” said the organizer, “I know this can be confusing, so we won't be too concerned if your youngster doesn't understand it right away, but it will be something they will need to learn as they develop their skills. So, if you bring a few pieces of lined paper and pencils, let's try it.”

The results from the meeting showed that every member made great strides in improving their skills and understanding of the game. However, the organizers are not overly concerned with ratings or results; instead, they focus on helping members learn how to think critically and problem-solve through chess play.

The 12U CDA Chess Club is committed to providing an encouraging environment for young players while instilling important lessons about strategy and critical thinking. With supportive parents and knowledgeable coaches, participants have an excellent chance of becoming highly skilled chess players with strong analytical abilities.

The club meets weekly and is open to all children aged 12 and under interested in learning more about chess or pursuing a passion for the game. To learn more about upcoming events or join the club, please, visit our website at www.cdachess.com


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