Knight to Writing Royalty: Serena Grace Captures the Queen’s Gambit in Journalism

Guess what? Serena Grace just totally rocked the world of journalism and chess by becoming a published author! 🌟 Yeah, you heard that right! She was all over the Idaho State Scholastic Chess Tournament, not missing a beat. Serena was like a detective, keeping notes on all the incredible and intense moments during the event. She then turned her detective diary into a killer press release that got picked up by the CDA Press. No joke, they published her article without changing a single word. How cool is that?

Also, a major shoutout to our chess champs – Leo Grace from kindergarten crushing it, first grader Milo Davis showing them how it's done, Sophia Grace making second grade proud, and our club alum Lucy Bell taking third grade by storm. These guys are like the Avengers of chess, each bringing their superpower to the board.

Serena's talent is as immense as her heart, and it’s inspiring to see one of our own achieve something extraordinary. Her work spotlighted our incredible chess players and showed us how powerful words can be.

Way to go, Serena! You're a game-changer in chess and a rising star in writing. I can't wait to see your next move on the chessboard and with your pen. Keep shining and inspiring us all! 🌈✨

Cheers to our champs and Serena, the newly minted-author! Keep conquering your dreams and setting the board for success. 🏆📚



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