An Unforgettable Chess Night at CDA - Roundup from March 11!


With the echoes of battle still resonating in the hall, this Monday's chess meet at CDA was spectacular. Eighteen strategy maestros converged on the proverbial battlefield, making it an evening filled with tension, triumphs, and, most importantly, the spirit of camaraderie that makes our community so unique.

Among the night’s victors, Grant, Eric, Mike O'Brien (making a much-celebrated return), Leo, and Rick stood out by clinching victories in both matches. However, the spotlight shone brightest on Travis, who emerged atop the standings with an impressive 3.5 points after a fiercely contested match with William. Owen, Leo, and Grant are hot on his heels, each brandishing 3 points and ready for more action.

The event wasn’t just about the chess masters giving us a masterclass in strategy; it was a reminder of the beauty of chess. Beyond the competitive aspect, it showcased personal challenge, learning, and the joy of being part of a community that thrives on shared passion and respect.

For those whose names have immortalized themselves on this round’s standings, rest assured your place in the next round is secured. Yet, the arena is vast, and there’s room for more heroes. If you're not on the list and feel the call to arms for the next meet on March 18th, step forward and make your mark.

Remember, in chess, as in life, it's not just about the moves you make but also how you play the game. See you on the board!

The club is available if you have questions or want to check your participation status. Together, let’s make every match and every move count!

Adventure awaits,


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