The Grandmaster's Update: White Wins Across the Board in Round 2 Review

The second round of our Chess Club's "I Love Chess" series brought thrilling victories and noteworthy performances in a stunning display of strategy and skill. This past session saw a magnificent group of 11 chess aficionados at the board, including newcomers Travis M., Andrew V., and returning stalwarts Jonathan, Cory, and Travis G., pushing our club's active membership to an impressive 48.

The excitement was palpable as five rated matches unfolded, culminating in victory for the players wielding the white pieces. These outcomes have stirred the waters of our club rankings, as the chess ladder now reflects these latest conquests.

The element of surprise wasn't solely reserved for the results; the participation and dedication of our members continue to be the club's crowning achievement. As our roster grows and our players refine their tactics, each gathering becomes more than just a meeting – a testament to our community's enduring love for chess.

The Inland Classic:

Expectations are building for the Inland Classic tournament scheduled for February 24-25 in Rathdrum. It's an event to be noticed for those wanting to pit their chess prowess against a broader field, with players attending from CDA, Spokane, and beyond.

For those interested in partaking in this prestigious event, the entrance fees are $30 for adults and $25 for those under 19. Reach out via telephone or email to register (payment can be made at the door with cash or check only).

Until then, keep your knights close, your kings safer, and your mind ever sharper. For it is not just about who wins or loses – it is about the love of the game, the camaraderie, and the pure joy of playing chess.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates, and always remember to indulge in the noble game of chess.



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