An Update from the Frontlines: CDA Chess Club's Latest Gathering Triumphs!


Arm wrestling? Who knew!

Our February 5th meeting was spectacular, marking an encouraging turnout with 11 players who brought an infectious zeal for the game. We were thrilled to welcome newcomers to our ranks: Shinjoo, an NIC student with sharp strategies, and Tyler, returning from military service with a knight's courage. The moves were calculated, the atmosphere was charged, and the beautiful minds of CDA Chess Club did not disappoint.

Deon, whose tactical flair had everyone whispering, certainly had something intriguing up his sleeve and hinted at revealing this in our next gathering. As the pieces moved and the clocks ticked, we celebrated not just the love of the game but the camaraderie that comes with every checkmate and stalemate.

Stay updated, stay sharp, and remember, every move matters. We’ll see you next week, where the board is set for new legends to rise and for the cunning to claim their victories. Join us and be part of the CDA Chess Community's continuing saga.


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