ICA Regional Scholastic Qualifier: A Day of Strategic Triumphs

Owen and Ryan Square Off in the Final Round

Amid the intellectual hubbub of a Saturday morning, something remarkable happened in the quaint town of Rathdrum, ID. The ICA Regional Scholastic Qualifier took over Lakeland Middle School, setting the stage for young brilliance to shine. As the clocks ticked and pages of strategy weighed upon the minds of 16 eager contestants, the atmosphere was rife with anticipation. The CDA Chess Club was at the heart of this gathering, a beacon of dedication and tactical prowess.

The hushed whispers of strategy and the soft clinks of chess pieces were the symphony of the day. Among the competitors, a name echoed with pride: Ryan Bell, a chess maven and alum of the CDA Chess Club. With a stellar record, Ryan bested his contenders across all five matches, securing a particularly striking victory against the formidable Owen Karlinsey - the club's fourth-ranked titan.

Ryan's sister Lucy, exuding the same finesse in the game, joined the challenge alongside six steadfast current members. The Graces - Serena, Leo, and Sophia - as well as the Davises - Logan and Milo - and the strategic mind of Ewan Case all demonstrated the club's collaborative spirit and individual growth. Eyes are now set toward the state championship tournament in Boise, as nearly all players are gearing up for the challenge.

So, what brews such success? The potent mix of regular club activities, tireless study, vibrant online chess communities, and the pursuit of chess tournaments nurtures these burgeoning strategists. Wins and losses are mere stepping stones on their journey to mastery.

The path ahead calls for the continued support of the CDA Chess Club. The upcoming meetings are pivotal, providing the much-needed competitive edge, wisdom, and encouragement these young minds need to advance their skills. As some argue for chess's inclusion in school curricula, citing its multifaceted benefits, let's root for our players and arm them for the intellectual duels ahead.

Thus, let's raise our proverbial chess pieces in a salute to the pursuit of excellence displayed at the ICA Regional Scholastic Qualifier. It was not just a competition but a celebration of strategy, growth, and community. Here's to the next move, the next game, and the unwavering spirit of our young players from Rathdrum - the future grandmasters in the making.


Stay tuned for more tales from the chessboard and updates on our journey through the realm of rooks and pawns. Please share your experiences and join us at the CDA Chess Club, where every move is a move toward greatness.

[photo credits to Adam Porth]

Sophia takes on International Master Donaldson

Adam and Deon, Tournament Directors

All of the trophy winners!



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